Villa star Stevie G after defeating Ghost + reveals Martinez’s trick in Digne’s goal

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The Aston Villa star has taunted former boss Steven Gerrard. After the Red Devils showed off their dazzling performance at Villa Park last night.

Unai Emery has made a perfectstart as manager at Aston Villa following last night’s3-1 win over Manchester United in the UFABET Premier League. After just seven minutes from Leon Bailey and four minutes later, Villa and Emery. fell into the land of dreams. The hosts took a free-kick around the penalty area and Lucas Digne took the responsibility to spin the ball from the left over the wall and into the post 2-0.

Villa star Stevie G after defeating Ghost + reveals Martinez's trick in Digne's goal

   It is a very beautiful free-kick. But in this event, many people have seen the role Emiliano Martinez has in this goal? Yes, Aston Villa ‘s goalkeeper plays a very important role. Clips appearing on social media show Martinez’s contribution to the free-kick. The Argentinian goalkeeper helped to position Baily and Tyrone Mings at the eye level of David de Gea so he could not see the ball. How Martinez works or doesn’t work is unclear, but Martinez certainly enjoys playing the dark arts and Villa fans will love it.

  After the match, Emery admitted he was ‘very happy’ after his first game for Villa. “Maybe I’m dreaming,” Emery said. ” Today I’m very happy. The atmosphere is amazing with our supporters.” “We have powerful players. We have good skilled players and we want to be united, disciplined, united in our game plan. and we succeeded It’s a special day.”

 Another very happy player. For this game, it was Morgan Sanson who finally made his debut for Aston Villa , after Steven Gerrard was sacked as manager , the replacement Emery was given the opportunity to give Sans a chance. d by letting him enter the field as a substitute at the end of the game The 28-year-old’s return to the pitch has been rife with supporters at Villa Park, as he has been sitting on the bench for the rest of the season under Gerrard, who has never been. The only time for him to get off the bench