Keown slams this Singha player for being lazy to make the team concede goals

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Arsenal legend Martin Keown Come out to criticize Chelsea’s star players hard. After playing an important role in the goal of the navy blue lion army that led the team to a defeat in the Premier League game last night.

  Martin Keown and Scott Parker believe Kai Havertz was at fault for Arsenal ‘s late winner against Chelsea in the UFABET Premier League on Sunday. Graham Potter’s side were unable to cope with Bukayo Saka ‘s seemingly innocuous corner,allowing Gabriel to use it to score a second-half goal for the visitors. Winning at Stamford Bridge, at that moment Havertz guarded the near post as the corner kick was opened. But failed to clear the ball before it floated past Thiago Silva and Eduard Mendy to Gabriel.

Keown slams this Singha player for being lazy to make the team concede goals

          While Arsenal ‘s victory brought them back to the top of the crowd again. But it turns out Chelsea have picked up just two points from their last four games and are going through a difficult first time under Potter, who replaced Thomas Tuchel over Arsenal ‘s winner. Ex -Fulham manager Parker told BT Sport : “You’re always very disappointed when you concede goals from set-pieces,” of course Arsenal did well to score goals from set-pieces. And that’s what we’ve prepared for. (Before Fulham’s 2-1 defeat at the Emirates Stadium in August)” “I don’t know why Kai went so far ahead of the corner.if he falls below this He will be able to enter. But he started back that far and started running back. Then he has a lot to deal with.”

         Arsenal legend Keown has criticized Havertz as ‘lazy’ for his efforts to defend the Gunners’ goal . He threw his lazy leg over there.” Meanwhile, Potter admitted that Chelsea ‘Losing to better teams’ as they lose in the Premier League League for the first time since 2020 : “We play against teams that are in a really good moment, confident teams. And you can see the points they have so give them credit,” he said.

  Therefore, after the final whistle, the time of the match It’s no surprise then that Arsenal’s players were celebrating their wins madly in the corner of the flag in front of their fans, and one of the supporters who rejoiced with the beloved team in front of them witnessed a rather funny moment. Of the Gunners, while the Arsenal players ran to celebrate this moment with Gabriel Ben White , who once again did a great job at right-back, took the opportunity to kick the ball into the head of the Gunners. Martin Odegaard

          Can’t be 100% sure if it’s the intention of the British star or not…even after watching the clip many times. It seemed that it was White’s intention to kick the ball precisely at his captain’s head, and fans couldn’t help but tease the team’s moment like: “White is funny”, “I love Ben, this kid is 100% on purpose”, “Odegard looking for who hurt him 555”, “That accuracy wow”.