Gabriel mocks Aubameyang after Chelsea’s defeat to Arsenal

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Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalles Can’t help but mock former team-mate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who is now a Chelsea striker. After the London derby last night

 Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalles can’t wait to tease his former team-mate. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after he threw a defeat to Chelsea in the London derby against the Gunners. With the Brazilian scoring the only goal inlast night ‘s Premier League game. So far helped the Reds reclaim the top with an impressive 1-0 victory at Stamford Bridge.

Gabriel mocks Aubameyang after Chelsea's defeat to Arsenal

          Picture of the UFABET game in this match. Arsenal have more possession of the ball to attack. create more opportunities. They were able to control the game in their fists. Makes Chelsea’s attack look completely fearless. The kind that can hardly put pressure on the artillery line at all throughout the game. Plus, there are almost no chances to finish the score. And finally, the visiting team came up with a goal from a corner kick that Bukayo Saka opened the ball to the first post. Blues players do not block the ball. The ball bounced off the floor to the front of the door through Eduard Mendy, then Gabriel Magalles poked his left foot into the door openly. and the gate became the triumphal arch of the artillery army.

         Before this game starts There is a focus on the fact that Aubameyang is set to face his former team for the first time since leaving in January. The Gabon international has been stripped of his captaincy and has been allowed to join Barcelona after a problem with Mikel Arteta, who recorded a promotional video for the game on BT Sport. Say, “Arsenal! I didn’t have any problems personally. but i’m back I’m the Blues, I’m ready.”

 Granit Xhaka was the only Arsenal player to embrace Aubameyang tightly during the pre-match handshake and the striker endured a difficult afternoon before being substituted in the midfield. mid second half Gabriel’s side dealt with Aubameyang without a problem. He stopped the attacking game of the locals until he could not go. It also became a decisive goal to break the winning goal for the team. After the game, referred to a former teammate on Twitter. Citing a promotional clip for Aubameyang’s BT Sport and reminding him that ‘London is red’ “No problem personally.. London is red.” 

          Arsenal’s three points in the game sent them back to the top of the table after being temporarily overtaken by Manchester City in their win over Fulham since Saturday. As for the navy blue lion army, Brighton, who defeated Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-3, overtake them until now falling to 7th in the table from 21 points, the last game before the World Cup break, Arsenal have an invasion program to visit. Wolves, while Chelsea face hard work, have to visit Newcastle, who are in excellent form this weekend.