Bailey reveals what the Lineman said after Martinez elbowed

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Aston Villa winger Leon Bailey has revealed what the lineman told him following the elbow of Manchester United centre-back Lisandro Martinez during the Premier League game. last night

    Leon Bailey denounced Lisandro Martinez’s actions and criticized the referee’s performance. During the game Aston Villa beat Manchester United 3-1 last night. the UFABET reason was because he “Suffocating” after being elbowed by the Argentine star The Villa winger said on Twitter that he had been hit by the Red Devils defender. But the lineman told him not to say anything because he did the same.

Bailey reveals what the Lineman said after Martinez elbowed

          In the second half of the game Bailey lay sprawled on the ground in front of United’s away stand after a heavy tackle which could qualify for a red card by Martinez, reviewed by referee Anthony Taylor. Player Then let the game continue. The act of refereeing on the field has created doubts for the audience and the fans. The locals in the field are very much.

          Bailey himself clearly felt that he had been hit hard. from the stars at Manchester United only signed last summer and didn’t even receive a yellow card, however, here’s what Bailey, who opened the scoring for Villa on Twitter, posted on Twitter for the elusive “@leonbailey , very disappointed with the referee. today I suffocated for a short time. After being elbowed twice in the ribs The lineman continued saying I shouldn’t say anything because I did the same thing with Martinez. Sometimes I don’t understand why we have VAR.”

     For Unai Emery, this was a great start to his management at Aston Villa. And this win against Manchester United was a special one, as he is the first manager in history to have never lost in four Premier League games against the Red Devils in his entire career. That is, having managed Arsenal against the Red Devils in the Premier League three times before and ended in one win and two draws.

         But Erik ten Hag would have an instant revenge as well. Because the two teams have a queue to duel another game immediately in the third round of the Carabao Cup on Thursday, November 10, 2022, but will change to Manchester United to welcome Villa. This work must come to guess again that the Dutchman coach. Will arrange a new army or not, especially in the case of Donny van de Beek, who referred to the opportunity for 2 matches, but still can not make an impression.